Home decor

Love to decorate your house? Search for a perfect project, choose paint samples, select vintage elements of decor ... We begin to worry, just thinking about it. But apart from the initial excitement, designing our space can be a long and difficult process. Between budget constraints and endless solutions that you have to make during repairs, you can easily lose your enthusiasm and become exhausted.

Invest in furniture that you really like 

Take your time when furnishing your home. Having the right furniture is much more important than just filling the space with a huge amount of unnecessary items. Do not fill the space according to the principle “there is too much empty space here.” Bring to your home only the furniture that you really like, even if it is not new or inherited from your grandmother. Get rid of things that you don’t have any emotions for. They will steal your sense of comfort. Visit flea markets more, buy home accessories while traveling, collect books that match your interests, pick up furniture of different textures and purchase only items that you really like.

Organize space

Clean up the mess! If you do not like some things and do not use them any more, transfer or sell them. This is the most effective way. The release of space will open up new opportunities for design solutions.

Trust your intuition 

Your initial sensations are usually the most correct. When it comes time to make a decision, this process can be overwhelming, because there are so many great ideas, among which you need to choose only one. But after much thought, you still realize that the very first inspiration was the best choice.

Bring some nature into the house

Bring some nature into the house
Bring a bit of nature into the apartment by adding live plants and greenery. Flowerpots fill home space with warmth and energy. They bring more color and are a unique, organic, fresh element of the interior. Consider green herbs for the kitchen, fig tree leaves to decorate your living room, or simply place the succulents on the coffee table.

Make lighting a priority element of the interior

How many things can make a good lighting! Designers in the design of almost all types of space make an important emphasis on lamps and chandeliers. Pick up simple furniture that will be an excellent basis for a minimalist design, and complement it with lighting that will add individuality to your home. The lighting device can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as an element of the interior and create the desired mood.