Magic lamp

Even a regular glass jar can shine without electricity. And to make such a magic is not difficult. For a sparkling flashlight, prepare a glass jar, a lot of glass balls, alcohol, cotton wool, fluorescent paint and a brush. To begin with, wipe the jar inside with alcohol, and only then brush it with strokes and dots with paint. Let it dry completely. It remains only to fill the glass balls - so the rays in a wonderful lamp will playfully echo.

Natural composition of branches and flowers

Materials: wire, nippers, beautiful ribbon, small branches up to 15 cm long (about 60 pieces), secateurs and the best flowers. Master frame. We twist our composition, fix it with the remaining wire. The final touch is the decor. We wrap the branches with a ribbon, place the flowers inside and place them in a glass flask. The result is incredible!

Bead curtains

Instead of the usual door, lovely curtains of beads and beads look much more interesting. It is very easy to make such ones, you just need to buy a lot of beads. In the process, you will need: scissors, the basis for the curtains (cord, fishing line), cornice, large beads and the beads themselves. Think over the pattern, then measure the line, folding it in half. Leave the stock to attach to the plank, and begin to weave. Decorate the bar and fasten beaded threads.